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Would you believe? Science ghostwriting factories in China


If they are mostly located in China, that might explain why it is difficult to do much about them:

An official Chinese state media outlet recently revealed how illegal paper mills in China are operating to get fake manuscripts published, including in top international journals.

In China, a very high metric for publishing academic papers is required for individuals to get promoted in certain professions or academic fields; but for many people, this indicator is almost out of reach. Thus, a gray industry of scientific ghostwriters has evolved offering a “one-stop service” where submissions and publications are done in the name of the client.

By typing in keywords on Chinese search engines, you can easily find a large number of essay factories.

A reporter from Xinhua Viewpoint, a column of official media Xinhua, posing as a cardiovascular and cerebrovascular physician contacted numerous paper factories and was told that all levels of dissertation could be written and published for him as long as the delivery time was not too short, according to Xinhua in a Jan. 11 report.

Shawn Lin, “Scientific Ghostwriting Factories Booming in China” at Epoch Times (January 23, 2022)

Totalitarianism and science have never been a good mix but if China is the new ruling power, it is the mix we now have.

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There must be good job prospects in China for good English speakers (writers) with little or no conscience. Fasteddious
Offshoring is mostly bad. But if we can offshore tenure to China and LEAVE IT THERE, it will be a good thing. polistra
My initial reaction is that there would be very few fake papers on evolutionary science issues, simply because that topic carries very little prestige and there's little real-world impact in results, fabricated or real. This blog seems to confirm it - noting a small number of retractions: The history of retractions from ecology and evolution journals https://dynamicecology.wordpress.com/2020/02/24/the-history-of-retractions-in-ecology-and-evolution/ My gut feeling is that the paper-mills don't bother with evolutionary journals, for reasons given above. There can't be much money or academic prestige in spinning out evolutionary speculations. On this OP - great (real) journalism by Epoch Times. Excellent detail and research. Silver Asiatic

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