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You can be a stupid Darwinist, and make it work, but you can’t be a stupid ID theorist and make it work


Taxpayers are forced to fund Darwinists, smart or stupid (and/or obscene and/or useless), but there is hardly enough money for the smart ID types, never mind we could front stupid, obscene, or useless ones.

Sorry, that’s just life. David Klinghoffer puts it like this, at Evolution News & Views:

Probably most serious working biologists dispense with Darwinian theory in their everyday work. It simply doesn’t come up, and insofar as it does, it raises manifest problems in terms of its own scientific credibility. The defense of the theory is thus left to two notable groups: the Internet atheist brigade of PZ Myers & Co. and celebrity atheists like Richard Dawkins — who, for his part, is no longer considered a serious scientist or even a serious public intellectual — and, curiously, to a fringe of minor academics at small religious colleges.

As one of our colleagues puts it, the latter — theistic evolutionists — are trying baptize a failing theory, not realizing the moribund state it’s in.

You could speculate about what drives some of the religious folks who take Darwin’s side. A desire to curry respect with higher-up figures in the academic world, or a fear of being mocked for holding a controversial minority scientific view. I would say there’s an additional factor, though, one that is of much wider applicability: homework avoidance. I see this clearly in the religious community I know best, the Jewish one, and in the professional community I belong to, that of journalists. It’s huge.

To answer creditably, very different from Darwinism, you need to have done your homework.

Today, posturing is more popular among journalists than homework, hence all the outright frauds.

The big question is, why are Christians paying for Christian Darwinism. Thoughts?

Joe, It's harder to get lied to the more you know. So knowledge is a good defense. mphillips
And if the answers are all lies? Joe
Sergio A good approach to establishing whether the "stupid darwinist" is applicable to Ken Miller might be to send him an email with any questions you might have. timothya
Joe, thank you. sergio sergiomendes
Yes sergio- that is standard practice there. If you have questions you can send them an email. Joe
News, evolutionnews.org has no allowance of comments. is standard practice of there? sergio sergiomendes
With "friends" like theistic evolutionists, who needs.... Blue_Savannah
Give you Brown. Only quoting. But surely you are not claiming that Ken Killer does not claim to be a good Catholic. News
a fringe of minor academics at small religious colleges.
When did Brown University become a religious college? A Gene

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