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You Won’t Believe This One, Even Evolutionists Call it “Totally Crazy”


Evolution expects the species to fall into a very definite pattern, but they don’t. For example, we saw that the mitochondria DNA of the single-cell eukaryote Trypanosoma brucei is incredibly complex and unique, and make no sense on evolution. But the contradictions don’t stop there. Evolutionists were further shocked to find such similar features in completely different organisms, on completely different parts of the evolutionary tree. Consider, for example, the Euglenids and the Dinoflagellates shown in the figure (which shows the 5 supergroups that comprise the eukaryotes). These two groups are very different—Dinoflagellates are Chromalveolates while Euglenids are Excavates—but their mitochondria are not only similar, but similar in ways that are highly unique. Imagine finding an automobile with six wheels instead of four. It is the only one of its kind. But then you discover the same anomaly in a distant country, an automobile with six wheels while all the rest have four wheels.  Read more


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