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You Won’t Believe What Evolutionists Are Saying Now: Evolution Created “A Risk Management Strategy”

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The Epicureans called them “veering atoms” and evolutionists updated it to “random mutations.” One way or another, man must have an evolutionary narrative. But it makes no sense on the science and evolution must become the master craftsman. Its latest wizardry is a “risk management strategy.” As we have seen, a new paper now explains that mutations rates have been “evolutionarily optimized.” Unbelievable. The evolutionist’s just-so stories are even more ridiculous. Evolution is now so brilliant that we are supposed to believe that it created the means to not only control mutation rates, but to optimize the mutation rates.  Read more

Sweet! It looks like Nature is only half a decade behind The Creation Research Society. johnnyb
"It seems to me that mutations are a part of the evolutionary system (an evolved part of the system)" I draw a distinction between results of the system (evolutionary change), and the system itself. The mechanisms for adaptive genomic alterations are themselves 'designed-in' mechanisms, a crucial component of embryogenesis. I posit that they are random to the extent that they may occur randomly, but are extricated from a gene pool of available variants within the genome. I further posit the existence a kind of lamarckian mechanism that may influence, due to environmental pressures, which mutations are actualized during conception. To verify or falsify that prediction would entail gestational experiments under varying induced conditions and tabulating the percentages of beneficial heritable traits produced. To summarize, if adaptive mutations are a designed-in mechanism to aid in survival, it is evidence in support of evolutionary processes, but of ID as causative. leebowman
Mutations could be classified as accidental copying errors since most of them provided no real benefit to the organisms (c/f the Drosophilia fruit fly experiments). Only in comic books do mutations do any good. Barb
As we have seen, a new paper now explains that mutations rates have been “evolutionarily optimized.” Unbelievable.
There's nothing unbelievable there. It's predictable, that if evolution is adaptive, then mutation rates should be well adapted. Yes, it's a problem for those who say that mutations are accidental copying errors. I have always been skeptical of that. It seems to me that mutations are a part of the evolutionary system (an evolved part of the system). Neil Rickert
And all that without stopping the mutations being undirected and purposeless, so as not to spoil the theory. Damned clever, these accidents. Jon Garvey

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