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Another way to deal with atheists …


Who knows where Richard Dawkins would be if he had a mother like this:

To angry old fat man (I love the name btw), Thanks! :-D your kid isn’t exactly renouncing the Lord Jesus Christ by taking Him literally. So I don’t think his YEC issue is comparable to the Episcopalian/Anglican/Greek /Roman Catholic child’s renunciation of his faith. You're correct, of course. I was simply pointing out how a parent could disagree on a issue of religious belief (albeit in my case a relatively minor one) with a teenage child without resorting to all that drama. Your assessment of that situation is perceptive. Good observation on the father-figure there. Out of curiosity, though, why do you think your son is a YEC’er? Several reasons, an important one being a teenager's natural inclination to rebel. He's been influenced by his grandparents' beliefs, and they're a lot more fundamentalist/literalist than I am. He also has read a lot of literalist apologetics online, especially in relation to evolution and cosmology. The literalist position is a day in Creation equals a 24 hour day. I find that position difficult because light is created first in Genesis, but the sun isn't mentioned until a few days (?) later. I don't think Christian fundamentalism/literalism is bad. It just left me ill-prepared to deal with intellectual (and pseudo-intellectual) challenges to my beliefs. angryoldfatman
Alternately, his atheist friends from school may have talked him into this. Designed Jacob
This kid videoed the event and put it on youtube. That is an act of betrayal beyond anything I've ever heard of in a child. Whether he's a brat by natural disposition or not is irrelevant; that kid and that mom must have a very bad relationship. Judging from the extremely passive father-figure in the background, I'd say we can figure out, more or less, what's going on there. To angry old fat man (I love the name btw), your kid isn't exactly renouncing the Lord Jesus Christ by taking Him literally. So I don't think his YEC issue is comparable to the Episcopalian/Anglican/Greek /Roman Catholic child's renunciation of his faith. Out of curiosity, though, why do you think your son is a YEC'er? Designed Jacob
That woman is a nut case. And her son is three clowns short of a circus. God bless them both. They're going to need it. Barrett1
dacook, If I'm not mistaken, the mother thought she was speaking in the privacy of her own home to her son. Her son or a friend of his videotaped it and uploaded it to YouTube. I'm with WinglesS on this one. My oldest son (16 yr old) is a YEC, but I'm not going to scream at him to change his mind even though I disagree (more of a Gerald Schroeder OEC here). As for formatting with bold, italics, links, etc., low-level HTML works here. angryoldfatman
I wonder if this good Christian woman has read Jesus' advice on dealing with dissenting family members: Matthew 18:15 "Moreover if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone: if he shall hear thee, thou hast gained thy brother." I would guess that applies to sons too. (BTW how do you format (italics, bold etc. for quotes) in these posts?) dacook
contrachronos: thanks, but give it to someone who really needs it. William Dembski
Haha, will do William. Do you have a paypal account? I did not listen to the video fully. I think I'm beginning to get old man syndrome. My mind shuts off when a woman begins to complain. Hmmm, and I did mention earlier that I did not listen. Yes, I think I will stop while I'm ahead. contrachronos
HAHA, my parents were never like this. They are so sure there is a God that they told me to search and I'll just come back to christianity/believing in God. bork
She’s Catholic. There’s no such thing as “confirmation” in Baptist teachings.
The Anglican church also does confirmation, as apparently do Lutherans and Methodists. Bob Bob O'H
You shouldn't force people to believe in God any more than you should force them to believe in evolution. Granted, some beliefs might be more irrational than others, but perhaps a person's point of view can be changed with prayer, reason and example. If everything else fails though, I still hold that what a person chooses to believe in is his right and choice. Remember that true belief is a decision of the heart, and going to church doesn't make one a Christian any more than entering a plane makes one a pilot. While I understand the mother's concern for her son, I disagree with her methods. WinglesS
Five bucks says she’s a baptist.
She's Catholic. There's no such thing as "confirmation" in Baptist teachings. I feel sorry for her, and for the fact that the kid felt it neccessary to post the video. It's really sad to me. JGuy
Are you kidding me? LOL- That is America's Funniest Home Videos Gone Wild! Its quite apparent the kid staged it with the video camera. I love the no Christmas presents. late_model
Whoa! I'd hate to see what she'd do if she found her son had taken the Blasphemy Challenge. I wonder if she kisses the pope's ring with that mouth. Anyway, I like her. Can we pass the hat around to buy her a ticket to Oxford and cab fare to get to Richard Dawkins' house? DaveScot
Bishop? Confirmation? Please send me your money contrachronos. William Dembski
Five bucks says she's a baptist. contrachronos

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