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Dawkins mutation in the mind music video: “this is your brain on bad acid”

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In the video, Dawkins gets his head split open and then all we see are his brains and eyeballs, then they multiply…. at the end he says, “as for me, I’d rather spread memes than genes anyway.” We then see him tooting his own horn while a dinosaur swallows a shark.

The video that Richard Dawkins made for an advertising company in Cannes is like a particularly vivid anti-drug commercial: this is your brain on bad acid, except, of course, that this is a portrait of a brain wrecked by self-importance.

Richard Dawkins Meaningless Meme

Skip to about 4:50 to see the video.

[youtube GFn-ixX9edg]


HT: Mike Gene

Despite all the sadness in the world, the few glimpses of beauty make it believable the world wasn’t an accident. A former atheist Patrick Glynn said it was hard for him to remain an atheist after he found the love of his life. He eventually converted as a result of meeting his wife Gabrielle. He writes of his journey in God the Evidence.

To that end, instead of Richard Dawkins “Mutation of the Mind”, here are Sarah Brightman and Cliff Richard performing “All I Ask of You” from the musical Phantom of the Opera.

[youtube bYRwBOnMD-I]

One of my favorites things to see are the Fountains of the Bellagio when I visit Las Vegas. When I studied piano I used to perform Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody like the one featured in this video. So many designs in the world of man seem at variance with mere survival advantage. Man’s intelligent designs like Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody and the Bellagio Fountains remind me of the extravagant designs in nature. They seem to be there for no other reason than to be wonderful.

[youtube p1wN2W6IiL0]

Was that Dawkins really playing? I liked it! The couple seemed to be lipsincking unless i'm wrong. As a matter of I suggest there is no such thing as beauty. There is just accurate symmetry and inaccurate. We live in the inaccurate so much that the little is given a special name called beauty. in reality we don't see beauty but only accuracy. This shows that there is a God. There is right answers to how the universe should be. In fact i read once math people see beauty in math. This explained because math is about accuracy in numbers and so it leaves the same impression on the mind as beauty seen elsewhere. Sorry folks. No beauty exists. jUst right and wrong symmetry. The soul is spiritual but not the material world. its a machine. Robert Byers
I'm actually bored with Richard Dawkins. I agree with most of his biology-related statements (since I have never seen where he has demonstrated a clear understanding of ID theory, i.e. he has never actually addressed it), and have always been bored by his, as Alvin Plantigua put it, middle-school-level metaphysics philosophy. Religious ideas are a virus of the mind but atheism is a noble meme. Yep, sounds like cold logic to me! uoflcard
The Huffington Post UK comments:
According to the festival website, Dawkins put on a "visual and oral extravaganza". We think that's putting it mildly. Because Dawkins' presentation is more like a psychedelic drug trip. A psychedelic drug trip which includes memes, genes, brains, owls, SHARKS AND HEDGEHOGS (his caps). Oh, yes. Click play to have your mind boggled - not necessarily in a 'Isn't the spread of online creativity amazing?!' way, but more a 'What on earth has happened to Richard Dawkins?!' way.

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