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    Matteo says:


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    lucID says:

    Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!!

    I feel the need to send money, or something. I think Dr. Terry should be regarded as a national treasure. Now if only he could get a video version complete with looking like Richard it would be priceless.

    The only thing better would be to know Richard’s actually heard it himself and possibly to hear his reply. Which statistically speaking (Dr. Dembski can you get us a figure here?) is likely to be more arrogant twaddle.

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    The Existence of Richard Dawkins

    This is a must read from WD.
    The cost of putting a program like this together — $50, honorarium for Dr. Tommyroth — $250, exposing the Dawkins myth — PRICELESS.

    There is a flaw in Dr. Tommyroth’s case. The existence of the Daw…

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    JGuy says:

    haha… good dialogue.

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    Here’s the original which inspired the radio version:


    That’s a parable I published in early January… you’ll notice several identical phrases as well as the concept.

    I know the identity of the author of the radio piece, as he sent me a draft version in January…

    If you’ve got blogs, websites, e-mail lists and you like the parable, please link it – 25th so far on Google for “Dawkins” !

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    intp147 says:

    Hilarious. I especially liked the parody, “You have described the Dawkins revealed in the literature as an ostentatious, acrimonious, supercilious, … and bombastic bully.” Lots of great adjectives there.

    I have often wondered, actually, what evidence there is that those who deny the ability to detect intelligence really do exist. After all, since information can evidently arise without intelligent input, and since very few of us have personal knowledge of any of the others, …

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    Douglas says:

    Does Richard Dawkins really sound like that? He sounds like he’s fighting to keep from drooling.

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    idnet.com.au says:

    This is great fun and I think that when Richard Dawkins listens he will find it both flattering and amusing, although he is unlikely to share that with us. Does the interviewer have an Aussie accent?

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    Jason Rennie says:

    That was hilarious. Absolutely brilliant. Does anybody have details on how to contact the person who did this ?

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    tribune7 says:

    That’s a classic.

    “If there is an intelligence behind these books it’s a pretty poor one.”

    Monty Python lives. You gotta love the Brits.

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    tribune7 says:

    I know Richard Dawkins exists cuz I seen him on South Park.

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    Joseph says:

    I have always maintained that future generations will find that the appearance of RD was just an illusion…

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    Jason Rennie: I know who it is and have the means to contact him. Contact me off-site.

    tribune7: That’s a quote from the original parable! (http://david.dw-perspective.or.....exist.html)

    (Please oh, please will will the webmaster link the parable from the story itself so that I get some Google-juice…)

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    Phil W says:

    Alister E. McGrath and Joanna Collicutt McGrath have written a book called The Dawkins Delusion? Atheist fundamentalism and the denial of the divine.

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    tribune7 says:

    davidanderson — A GREAT parable!!!

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    Forthekids says:

    Oh my gosh, that was freaking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve got to listen to it again…

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    sabre says:

    Darn it! I was drinking coffee when I read that, and now I’ve got to clean my monitor!

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    mike1962 says:

    Somebody needs to write a book called Deconstructing Richard Dawkins.

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    Jehu says:

    LOL! Dawkin’s works arose from Edward Lear nonsense poems.

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    TRoutMac says:

    Pardon the invokation, but thank GOD for funny people!!

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    Borne says:

    Come now you rabid infidels! Unbelievers!

    Doubting the existence of the Dawkins is a scientific abomination!


    (sorry couldn’t resist)

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    david3088 says:

    That’s awesome. The Dawkin’s voice is spot on. It sounds like the voice of the interviewer was a good impersonation of William Hague.

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    mike1962 says:

    “Slimey Custard Man”. LOL.

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    Robo says:

    From http://www.christiannews.co.nz

    An excellent debate: David Quinn versus Richard Dawkins

    This is an excellent debate (18 minutes long) between fundamentalist atheist Richard Dawkins and Catholic David Quinn.

    Dawkins got nailed by Quinn who used some simple arguments regarding free will and the existence of matter in his offense.

    Simply put: if we are simply the product of darwiniam evolution, then how can we believe we have any form of free will?

    If there is no free will, how can we hold a murderer responsible for her action?

    On the matter of matter, why is there something instead of nothing? Dawkins doesn’t know why matter exists so carries on about science discovering other bygone mysteries (like darwinian evolution) and therefore induces that science will also discover WHY we have matter

    Of course, Dawkins doesn’t have answers to these problems; so he takes them on faith, invoking ‘science of the gaps’.

    Download the MP3 file here:


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    Robo says:

    That spoof was brilliant. I suggest people go to YouTube and watch a couple of Dawkins videos, then you will REALLY appreciate the voice impersonations and other subtleties.

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    Robo says:

    Oh yes, must vote. Thanks 4 the reminder!

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    Robo says:

    Ok, about voting on YouTube. I think you need to have and account and be logged in. Then look for the five stars and click on you rating.

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    Tim says:

    “Somebody needs to write a book called Deconstructing Richard Dawkins.” –mike1962

    I was challenged, I think, to produce a new tome,
    A hypo-textual-criticism of an ignoble gnome –
    ‘twould be no strained dialysis,
    But a feast of analysis,
    My sweet-smelling prose, a Phoenix out of the loam.

    Oh No! I’m no equal to that zoo-keeper troll.
    He beat me to it! He’s taken my role!
    My poor logaoedic verses
    Lack what he forever rehearses.
    He PUBLISHES drivel as if he’d just smoked a bowl.

    He’s managed to ted his books on the shelf
    By making his name treating God like an elf.
    Unhooked rants always spurious
    Give results rather curious.
    Poor Dickie, it seems, has deconstructed himself.

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    Atom says:

    LMAO. “People shouldn’t follow this Dawkins, they should follow me.” BRILLIANT!

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    Douglas says:

    mike1962 : “‘Slimey Custard Man’. LOL.”

    Atom: “‘People shouldn’t follow this Dawkins, they should follow me.’ BRILLIANT!”

    Those were two of the humor-highlights I myself had noticed. I imagine I’ll remember them for the rest of my life. “BRILLIANT” indeed. Deliciously brilliant.

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    deric davidson says:

    I put Richard Dawkins in the same category as the holocaust deniers. As Terry Tommyrot’s excellent “spoof” implies he deserves only ridicule.

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    WinglesS says:

    I think Dawkins is pretty funny… I appreciate his efforts and his honesty.

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    […] 15th, 2007 · No Comments This audio is really funny and well done. I first heard it on Pastor Gene Cook’s Narrow MindPodcast. […]

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    J. Parker says:

    Not only is Dawkins brilliant, he has a great sense of humor. Here is his response on his website:


    6. Comment #21307 by Richard Dawkins on February 8, 2007 at 3:42 pm


    What’s clever about it?

    Even the accent sounds more like Peter Atkins than me, although I admit it is at least better than the one they used on South Park


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    […] just received this by email. Check it out. Some time back, David Anderson provided UD with high-quality amusement here. Dear […]

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