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Heard in the marketplace: David Limbaugh

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On ID in the schools:

Perhaps some Christians advocate that public schools teach biblical creationism. But it is obvious to me that Eichenwald is deliberately conflating them with those of us who believe that public schools should teach information about scientific discoveries that point to intelligent design and that we ought to let the science and facts speak for themselves, not selectively exclude scientific information if it happens to coincide with the biblical worldview.

For context (he is responding to the recent attack on the Bible in Newsweek), see: Are mainstream media prejudiced against God? Are they the “Pravdas” of a supposedly free world?

(Actually, it is a bit more complex. Because mainstream media are otherwise dying, they seek survival by catering more intently to a niche market of secularists who engage complacently in bigotry.)

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    Robert Byers says:

    Someone must decide what is taught to kids on origin matters.
    So is it the public, gov, or specialists.?
    Well it should be the truth. If there is disagreement then all sides.
    if one side is censored then its gov’t censorship.
    The gov has a dominating opinion. A state truth.
    The people should decide if someone must decide and censorship is being invoked.
    Any censorship of creationism is not only a rejection of public opinion on a contention but is clearly a attack on religious ideas this it comes from that side thats being censored. also they invoke the religious thing to justify the censorship.
    Come on YANKS. How can you allow censorship in a free nation?!
    In Canada yes but not America.

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