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What difference will new mainstream media ownership make for ID?


It actually depends on whether new owners of (now) the Washington Post and (sooner rather than later) the New York Times want to use their wealth to dine out with (or buy protection from) a current establishment or use it to expand news coverage to include points of view other than those espoused by current elites.

Newspapers aren’t bookstores, it is true. But traditional media face serious issues in the online world that they cannot resolve simply by going/being online.

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#4 Bevets Yes the mainstream media quite frequently get it wrong (some of the UK newspapers like the Daily Mail almost make it a rule to get science wrong). Perhaps I should correct my comment to say they need to establish a reputation for accuracy in the age of the internet because that is their best competitive edge. Mark Frank
Mark Frank Mainstream media have a reputation to protect DARWIN THEORY IS PROVED TRUE bevets
I don't see how it is a viable business strategy for mainstream media to try and duplicate what bloggers are doing for free. Their big asset is credibility. Bloggers have no constraints and therefore it is very hard to tell the crackpot from the valuable. Mainstream media have a reputation to protect which is their biggest asset (much of the UK press seems to have abandoned this asset with predictable results, but the US seems to do better). Immediacy and proximity yes - but cost of courage can also be described as cost of writing rubbish. Mark Frank
Reform isn't the only option. Obliteration is another. News
News, I ran across a thought in a US Navy strategic analysis, which I modify:
"Trust[/credibility] cannot be surged."
It takes time for a dominant voice to hollow itself out and collapse like a rotten tree in a storm, but that is what is happening. Drastic corrective, reformational measures now, or collapse in a storm later. (And yes, I know the very word "reformation" has been willfully poisoned.) KF kairosfocus

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