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Wikipedia shocked!, just shocked!! …


that some editors act for pay to promote stuff. If so, it is a reasonable idea that some also act for pay to demote stuff. Hmmm.

If it took the Wikibosses this long to tumble to the first, it’ll be roughly a decade, maybe, before they land on the second.

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for what else is wrong.

Wikipedia is suspect per some of my daughter's teachers - both high school & college. She's not allowed to use it as a SIGNIFICANT reference. What's valuable about Wikipedia is the TALK section. Wanna see debates? Hit a controversial person/topic and look at TALK. Sometimes sound reasoning and dialogue occurs. But lots of times...it's just name calling. (Intelligent Design - is controversial to Wiki...so you can easily imply from their slanted terms and from the Talk section's ongoing editorial battles.) Look up Ben Stein. His 'Expelled-No Intelligence Allowed' movie comes up for hits...some in the guise of "objective" reporting. There are other examples tho they might vanish after I post this (tho note...Wikipedia might archive old arguments..undo past editorial article changes...at any time). But generally on any topic of interest, you will find Wikipedia reflects (mostly) left to far left popular opinions. Occasionally a Wiki article will allow a reasonable contrary opinion to be stated. But if it is a HOT topic, watch the article quickly change/revert to its usual left to far left opinion. vikingmom
Thank you, JW. I suspected I could have been wrong, thought the odds were strongly against Wiki, and made a bad bet. Doesn't help nail Wiki's real deficiencies, does it? Axel
@Axel: According to the Vatican's homepage:
He graduated as a chemical technician and then chose the path of the priesthood (...)
http://www.vatican.va/holy_father/francesco/biography/documents/papa-francesco-biografia-bergoglio_en.html JWTruthInLove
sad thing is the text books in our schools are filled with the same "facts" . and biased, under-qualified, uneducated, or agenda filled teachers to teach them. dare question any of the "facts" and you will get bad grades and punished. not like any growing child would have any incentive to question anything though. they are trusting their elders to give them unbiased and truthful information. why should they expect anything else? wentzelitis
By Leftists? They always struck me as, right-wing, liberal- atheist, Republicans - however nominally religious. Axel
I use Wikipedia to check the spelling of names and identify books to read. I was amazed to see, whilst trying to get the early life of Alexander the Great straight, that "Macedonia" is a VERY controversial topic between modern Greeks and Yugoslavs and so the page is locked. But, yes, Wikipedia is never about Truth. It's about generally accepted legends as taught by Leftists. mahuna
I don't know if I mentioned it earlier, but Wiki has Pope Francis down as obtaining a chemistry technician's diploma, when he has reported elsewhere to have obtained a master's degree in chemistry! Axel

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