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Another reason why the human mind is not like a computer …

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Viswanathan Anand, world chess champion, 2009/Stefan64

Vishwanathan Anand

In “Here’s what explains Vishwanathan Anand’s genius” (Economic Times of India,
Jun 3, 2012), Jaideep Unudurti explains,

In the middle of the last decade Anand realised that to seize the throne and then hold it against all-comers he would need a team. And he did just that, building a superb crew, a great mix of analysts, young tearaway talents, and experienced veterans. The “A-Team” came together in 2007-08 and the lineup has been unchanged since.

Anand’s triumph also means that his achievements have bridged a generation. To put things into perspective, Anand entered the world championship cycle in 1993 by beating Viktor Korchnoi, who as a child had to endure the siege of Leningrad by the Nazis. With the exception of Fischer, he has played the greats of the ’60s such as Tal and Smyslov, albeit towards the end of their careers.

In computer chess, there is something called the “horizon effect”. It is an effect innate in the algorithms that underpin it. Due to the mathematically staggering number of possibilities, a computer by force has to restrict itself, to establish a fixed search depth. Otherwise the calculations would never end. This fixed search depth means that a ‘horizon’ comes into play, a horizon beyond which the software engine cannot peer.

Anand has shown time and again that he can see beyond this algorithm-imposed barrier, to find new ways, methods of changing the game. Just when every successive wave of peers and rivals thinks they have got his number, Anand sees that one, all important, absolute move.”


Anyone seen that guy Ray Kurzweil lately?

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in the old days they believed chess helped military types become better at strategy etc. It didn't. now they say chess is a intellectual game. It isn't. i see no difference with it and video games. if smarter people get involved and prevail its just because they did and perhaps raise the standard. Yet its a coincidence. Chess is a simple game of moves. Proper analysis would probably show its not a game of great complexity. Remnembering move formations is just memory work like spelling bees. wIKipedia also said its not a game indicating intelligence. Smarter people just get involved more because they think it is and then one has smarter people playing each other. Yet the game is still a independent skill that kids could prevail in. Its a urban myth. This guy is not a genius anymore then anyone else. Its like cards. A skill but not a feat of mind. Robert Byers

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