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    JGuy says:

    This is one of the few films I’ve seen in my life, that’s in English, but sounds Greek.

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    TRoutMac says:

    He, he. No kidding. I don’t even have a college education and my last science class was 10th grade biology, 22 years ago. I was laughing almost all the way through the thing, and that laughter was directed at the fact that, even though I think I have a reasonably large and competent vocabulary, I heard about 7 words in those 7 minutes that I could even identify! (okay, so I’m exaggerating… maybe 8 words)

    I was also laughing at the vesicle that creeps along on the microtubule… it makes me think of one of those Imperial Walkers from “Star Wars.”

    You know, I could understand the other side’s “beef” with our conclusions if these animations were wholesale contrivances of the Discovery Institute AND they were known to be such. But this thing says “Harvard University” on it… I take that to mean that everyone in this field understands and believes that I actually have miniature Imperial Walkers running around inside of me. In other words the content of these videos is not in dispute.

    And if the content is not in dispute, then boy oh boy are naturalists in heap-big trouble.

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    TRoutMac says:

    And oh yeah… those rolling “lucocytes” (pardon me if I missed the spelling there) that roll along inside the blood vessel… the way that thing tries to “stick” to the vessel wall reminds me of Velcro.


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    TRoutMac says:

    One more comment/question…

    What are the bets that the motor protein that “walks” that vesicle up along the microtubule is irreducibly complex?

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    DaveScot says:

    Microtubules are like train tracks going all over the cell, vesicles box cars, pulled by an engine.

    No resemblance to anything engineered there. No sir. Ignore all those train tracks all over the United States. It’s just an accident that they pass within a few meters of shipping/receiving docks at big factories. How lucky was that for the industrial revolution, eh? 😆

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    idnet.com.au says:

    I recon the little headless stick figures known as “motor proteins” pulling along the vesicles on the microtubule tracks should be the next ID mascot. Is there a longer animation of these little fellas doing their stuff?

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    sparc says:

    Is this the original version or the one that Dr. Dembski uses for his talks?

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