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Gravitational waves strengthen case for multiverse, Nature article claims


File:Multiverse - level II.svg Further to finding a mediaeval author whose work could be made out to sound like he supported the current multiverse fad, we also learn from Nature that BICEP’s recent detection of gravitational waves “would strengthen case for multiverse”:

The BICEP2 data would eliminate about 90% of inflationary models, Andrei Linde, a cosmologist at Stanford University in California, told a packed auditorium at MIT the day after the BICEP2 announcement (see picture below). Many of those models do not produce gravitational waves at detectable levels, said Linde, who is one of the founders of inflation theory.

But he said that the findings would agree remarkably well with ‘chaotic inflation’, a simple version of inflation Linde developed 30 years ago. In Linde’s model, inflation never completely ends, stopping only in limited pockets of space, while continuing with its exponential expansion elsewhere. Chaotic inflation would produce not just our Universe but a multiverse containing many pocket universes, each with its own laws of physics, an idea that critics say would be untestable.

Critics say the idea “would be untestable”? But so what? And what wouldn’t strengthen the case for a multiverse, for its believers?

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That is some kind of 'chaotic inflation' that produces not only our universe but an infinity of other untestable universes. Dr. William Lane Craig says new discoveries are (another) proof the scriptures are true: Do new Big Bang findings support the Bible? - Mar. 21, 2014 - video http://video.foxnews.com/v/3372449786001/do-new-big-bang-findings-support-the-bible--/#sp=show-clips bornagain77

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