Coffee!! Now we must pay for even a scrap of nonsense

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Here’s a good one from New Scientist: A friend who knows my taste for offbeat materialist ravings sent me this:

Mind’s circuit diagram
New Scientist – Life on 2/7/11
Our brain is the most complex object in the known universe – so we’ll need to map it in formidable detail to track down memory, thought and identity

But when I got there, even the nonsense hedder wasn’t there; I’d have to pay to read it, and must spend my pennies on sense rather than nonsense.

(Of course, my friend might have latched onto some system that hides the whole thing.)

So can someone please forward links to other free nonsense in the combox below?

Note to visiting trolls: “Identity” is just the sort of thing one can’t track down, because – for anyone – it is a fuzzy, multipart concept. But I can imagine the spew of “Neuroscience shows why people really vote for ‘tough schools’, when science shows that hard work and discipline make no difference” stories.

Down the road, but not far.

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