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Comprehensive gene map discovery: Humans have similar brains

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In “First Comprehensive Gene Map of the Human Brain: More Than 90 Percent Similarity Among Humans” (ScienceDaily, Apr. 13, 2011), we learn:

In developing the Allen Human Brain Atlas, the Allen Institute has now thoroughly characterized and mapped the biochemistry of two normal adult human brains, providing opportunities for scientists to study the brain with new detail and accuracy. The data reveal a striking 94 percent similarity between human brains, establishing strong patterns as a critical foundation for translational and clinical research. In addition, data analysis from the two human brains indicate that at least 82 percent of all human genes are expressed in the brain, highlighting its tremendous complexity while also providing an essential genetic blueprint to understand brain functionality better and propel research in neurologic disease and other brain disorders.

It’s a great feat to be sure, but re the findings, some sources wonder what else was expected. 10% similar brains? 50%?

I wonder who were the two "normal brains": Sara Palin and Obama? Seriously, it gets on my nerve to see journalist giving any credibility to such stories. What can we really deduce from a sample of 2??? Imagine if tomorrow I was to "poll" two peoples in the street and then announce that on average "90 percents of people are going to vote for Obama at the next election", what would be the reaction of the press? The margin of error for such a sample is ... + or - 69%. In other words, we could have between 23% or 100% of matching between any two human on this planet. Another useless study... Kyrilluk
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