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Does brain wiring differ in men and women?


One is tempted to respond, did anyone doubt this? But never mind.

From The Scientist , we learn that different researchers have offered different opinions:

To neurobiologist Larry Cahill’s mind, sex is the biggest factor driving brain size, so even if connectivity differs according to brain size, there is still a strong sex influence, on average, on connectivity patterns. “While we can and should debate what these findings mean,” said Cahill, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, “the findings leave little doubt that there exist striking differences in the ways in which the brains of women, on average, and men, on average, are wired.”

But Cordelia Fine, a neuropsychologist at the University of Melbourne and author of Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences, said that “it’s an important and plausible possibility that these wiring differences are largely or entirely an effect of brain size, and may have little bearing on our understanding of sex differences in behavior.”

O’Leary for News read Fine’s book and would recommend it. But Cahill is probably onto something too.

New atheist Sam Harris pointed out (correctly but dangerously) that

Violence is different for women than it is for men. Unlike men, they don’t tend to get into fistfights with strangers after an escalating series of insults. It is far more common for a woman to be attacked, physically controlled, and sexually assaulted by a man. Outside the walls of a prison, adult males almost never have to think about getting raped. For most women, rape is a very real, lifelong concern. Women also suffer from domestic violence in ways that men rarely do. Most of these differences can be explained by general disparities in size, strength, and aggressiveness between the sexes.

Um, yeah. Size does matter, especially if, for whatever reason, you want to see tomorrow, and your best bet is to just not to be there when the violence happens. Would that not help shape brain wiring over time? Probably, everybody they study is already a legal adult.

Speaking of which, the whole debate sounds like a PC hairpuller. News’d recommend just staying clear.

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Jeffrey Helix. It is hard for evolutionists to deny gender at least as a option. Yet they could do it. If the human brain was evolving in groups of primates then the same selection easily could affect both sexes. anyways how can anyone tell. If its mere brain weighing then everyone is doomed by anyone with a heavier brain. If its results in society thats also absurd as no one ever knows if we are at all at potential. the foundation is the issue. where and what is doing human thinking. They reject the soul and so must find real estate in the brain. In fact brain size would be irrelevant if its just parts of the brain. Its all dumb. Creationists here to impress the world as opposed to evolutionism. They blunder into a problem. Robert Byers
Notice that the neurobiologist says there are gender differences while the neuropsychologist claims otherwise. The hard sciences definitely have more authority on this one. The answer is most definitely yes: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0149763413003011 I scoff at anyone claiming to accept full Darwinian evolution who claims that gender is all culture. Jeffrey Helix
The bible says all people are made in gods image. that means his thinking ability. its impossible there is any difference in thinking competence between men and women innately. the brain size is irrelevant to intelligence because the brain is not where we are. I say the brain is just a giant memory machine. its the MINDF of the bible. YET only a middleman between us and our bodies. wE think with our soul/heart. our brain is only a added tool of memory. there is no difference in wiring between men and womens MEMORY MACHINE. there is the great profound issue of motivation. another subject. Evolutionism INDEED must note the size/wiring of male/female biological beings including humans. what they say? Darwin insisted wOMEN were innately intellectually inferior to men. only by careful breeding could this be changed. Evolutionists must accept intellectual inequality at least as a option if evolution is the origin for intelligence. Thats why they shy from the subject. Robert Byers
Brain wiring differs between two identical twins. Neil Rickert

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