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Further evidence that mindless neuroscience is not hot


This review actually came from The Scientist:

“Brains are hot,” Sally Satel and Scott O. Lilienfeld acknowledge in Brainwashed, their “exposé of mindless neuroscience” (mostly practiced not by neuroscientists, they stress, but by “neuropundits,” among others). The “mediagenic” technology of fMRI imaging has made the brain, aglow with metabolic hotspots, into a rainbow emblem of the faith that science will soon empower us to explain, control, expose, exploit, or excuse every wayward human behavior from buying to lying, from craving to crime.

Well, if mindless neuroscience is practiced by “neuropundits,” it is definitely not hot.

See also: A respectful article on mindfulness in Scientific American here.

Never mind the evidence from veridical near death expereinces that have been documented that make the materialist beliefs look down right silly. I won't even go there , pops I just did lol. wallstreeter43
Axel i agree man can do anything that is touchable etc in the universe. God said so. Yet we can't touch the spiritual. So we can't touch thoughts however fine the tool. Yes I believe the great universe was for eternal man to fill and occupy. If no death had come then already our population would be say half a trillion. A million more years and the universe might look crowded. It is undeveloped real estate. Robert Byers
'They will never touch a opinion and conclusion and moral decision however fine the instrument.' RPS sat nav coordinates, Robert... 'One day, my son... this whole universe will seem like a nick-nack from a Christmas cracker. Science will enable you to create your own universe. what am I saying..! A MULTIVERSE of infinite possibilities. No longer will wave-particle duality seem 'counter-intuitive'; it will seem obvious. No mystery about anything in the universe. Just give us time and we'll suss it out. Axel
If people are just brains then they will say the parts department explains all human thought. A machine. It makes sense to people unless they have a different idea about humanity. Like the idea in the bible we are souls and will be for eternity. No brain parts will be around. People are not just better equations of fast nervous systems. We are not elaborate computers. We are brillient in our raw thinking and simply the addition of wisdom, understanding, knowledge, as Solomon said explains our intelligence score relative to other people. They will never touch a opinion and conclusion and moral decision however fine the instrument. Robert Byers

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