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If only new myths about the brain were physical objects …

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… we could at least ask which recycling dumpster to put them in.

Here’s a book that’s worth a look.

In the world of Nudge (using pop neuroscience to run other people’s lives) and Blink (thinking without thinking), we also find Great Myths of the Brain (October 2014). It might not be quite our cup of tea, but it promises to expose a lot of neurobollocks (“teaches readers how to spot neuro hype and neuro-nonsense claims in the media”).

There is an interesting trend among neuroscientists to push back against far out claims, lest their discipline go the way of social psychology, now mired in scandal over—for want of a better phrase—total incoherence.

See also: The slow death of a pseudo-discipline (Enthusiasm for neuro-everything seems to be waning in the light of evidence that brain scans don’t tell us very much.)

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2 Replies to “If only new myths about the brain were physical objects …

  1. 1
    mahuna says:

    Well, but there are things that SHOULD BE true, and therefore they MUST BE true. No actual proof is necessary or even desirable.

    Much of politics and economics already works that way. Why isn’t Science toeing the line?

  2. 2
    johnp says:

    mahuna, science was WAY ahead of politics and economics in that regard. See “On the Origin of Species”….

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