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Lots of brain studies, no comprehension of the mind?

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From UT San Diego News

We’ve put men on the moon, sequenced the human genome and connected most people on Earth with cellphones.

Techno wizards. That’s what we are — except when it comes to deciphering the workings of the brain, an organ that seems to defy comprehension.

And that is a surprise, why?

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Hat tip: Stephanie West Allen at Brains on Purpose

2 Replies to “Lots of brain studies, no comprehension of the mind?

  1. 1
    Robert Byers says:

    Its not difficult. They simply reject the existence of the soul as the placve for unique human intelligence.
    The brain has nothing to do with intelligence except in the memory operation.
    The mind is just the memory. its not the heart where man thinks as the bible says.
    they also don’t fix ‘brain’ problems in people because they are not aimning at memory triggering problems as the only possible origin for brain problems.

  2. 2
    wallstreeter43 says:

    Correct bryan and that was precisely why oxford educated professor patricia churchland got embarressed on skeptiko when she stated her blogger that the mind equals the brain , going against all the latest peer reviewed nde studies so far .

    Deep down they know that brain doesn’t = mind but are too stubborn and egotistical to admit it .

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