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Naturalist profs confront consciousness, emit nonsense

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From New York Times:

A paper in The British Medical Journal in December reported that cognitive behavioral therapy — a means of coaxing people into changing the way they think — is as effective as Prozac or Zoloft in treating major depression.

In ways no one understands, talk therapy reaches down into the biological plumbing and affects the flow of neurotransmitters in the brain. Other studies have found similar results for “mindfulness” — Buddhist-inspired meditation in which one’s thoughts are allowed to drift gently through the head like clouds reflected in still mountain water.

Findings like these have become so commonplace that it’s easy to forget their strange implications.

This longstanding conundrum — the mind-body problem — was succinctly described by the philosopher David Chalmers at a recent symposium at The New York Academy of Sciences. “The scientific and philosophical consensus is that there is no nonphysical soul or ego, or at least no evidence for that,” he said. More.

Well, clearly, the consensus is wrong. There’s a lot of that about just now, isn’t there?

The rest of the article is, to put it charitably, garbage. Including perceptronium, consciousness as a physical entity. Or whatever.

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Here is a link to the video: The Rise of Human Consciousnes http://livestream.com/newyorkacademyofsciences/physics4/videos/123900918 bornagain77
AMEN. Depression is, I say, nothing more then a memory powerfully stuck and so triggers the physical body to react. So talking through, and making profound new conclusions, these powerfully held by the memory would trigger the body to release someone from depression. Depression is evil and very difficult to fix. Yet it can be fixed by seeing it as a memory issue. or rather another phobia. All medicines do is interfere with the triggering of the memory. Not different then booze or joints. Just safer. Coming from a presumption we are souls and so we are only connected to the material world by the memory, called the mind, would lead, I say, to healing these serious problems. Robert Byers
More nonsense from deluded Darwinists. The blind leading the blind...over a cliff. It is a little sad to see, but also quite entertaining. Truth Will Set You Free

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