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People more honest than thought?

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From Economist:

“IN THE state of nature, profit is the measure of right,” wrote Thomas Hobbes, a philosopher with a dim view of human nature.More.

The mag wants you to pay to find out, but we can tell you for free: We keep each other honest .

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The bible says the moral laws of god are written in the heart of man. So we know to be honest by an innate law. Its not an invention. Robert Byers
Evil snack, why is it "in each man’s best interest that other people be honest in their dealings,"? Why? No tautological responses please:) ppolish
This should not come as any surprise. It's always in each man's best interest that other people be honest in their dealings, and the best way to accomplish this is to deal as little as possible with dishonest people. It helps to also be honest. EvilSnack

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