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SOS Awash in neurohype!!

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From Neuroskeptic at the Daily Dot:

Why is there so much neurobullshit around today? I think the answer is that neuroscience really has made great advances in the past few decades, and these advances have been very visible. Methods such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), introduced in 1990, have made it possible to measure and picture brain activity in real time. FMRI really is an amazing technology that has revolutionized neuroscience; it has also made neuroscience more accessible to the public. The trouble is that the colorful images produced by fMRI and other neuroimaging techniques are immensely compelling but often misinterpreted. Such images have led to the impression that now, for the first time, we can understand the brain, when in fact, neuroscientists are still struggling to understand these images and what they have to tell us. Ultimately, modern neurohype is driven by the appeal of “hard” or scientific approaches to problems, combined with the modern buzz surrounding brain science. The result is that neuroscience (or something resembling it) has become a selling point—a shiny new coat of paint, both for products and for ideas. Today, while we really do know more about the brain than ever before, our understanding is still very limited. Neuroscience is not yet advanced enough to tell us the answer to life, the universe, and everything. More.

Never will be that advanced, actually, but we will never be short of people who need it to fill that role, however unqualified it is.

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