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Commentator Scott Ott gets a charge out of electric fish

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Further to Darwin’s shocking eels: Here:

The lead researcher on the study, a fella named Michael Sussman, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, says this…

I consider ‘exotic’ organisms such as the electric fish to be one of nature’s wonders and an important ‘gift’ to humanity,” says Sussman. “Our study demonstrates nature’s creative powers and its parsimony…”

Isn’t it beautiful how unguided processes with no particular outcome in mind (in fact, with no mind), happen all over the world, in a variety of environments with a variety of species, and they all still select the same highly-efficient creative “gift” to give to humanity?

What serendipity!

Well, back to my plow. Ma’s gonna ring the dinner bell any minute and the horses are eager to finish this field.

Shucks. I guess we can’t interest Ott in a membership at BioLogos (Christians for Darwin)…

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2 Replies to “Commentator Scott Ott gets a charge out of electric fish

  1. 1
    ppolish says:

    Sussman is also quoted in this NPR audio/print article:
    Nothing controversial from Sussman. But holy crud – check out the quote from future creationist Maler, the fish guy from the University of Ottawa:
    ““You have to simultaneously co-evolve genes that do very many different things in some kind of directed manner. It [can’t just] be random.”

    I was curious about the “[can’t just]” edit . Do the […] mean coughs? Like “it cough can’t just cough be random.

    So I listened to the audio, but Maler’s part was cut out. Bummer. Creationist filter;)

  2. 2
    Querius says:

    Not a cough, more like a choking noise. 😉

    I appreciate someone who’s honest. I’ve heard it said that most discoveries are not heralded by “Eureka, I’ve found it!” but rather, “Huh, that’s odd.”


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