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Does anyone know what to make of this 2010 Nature paper?

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According to which bacteria give to charity? on bacterial charity?

“Bacterial charity work leads to population-wide resistance” by Henry H. Lee et al. (Nature 467, 82–85 (02 September 2010) )

Now that we know that bacteria give to charity, we will sure soon be calling them on the cell phone.

ooops wrong article...disregard the above. JGuy
They can squirm out of it by pointing out that they used the word "appear", and then invoking the "we know evolution is a fact" despite this gap argument. And given more time... Yep, given more time, maybe the laws of physics flux every now and then to leave a window open for Darwin to escape. Hey, isn't that akin to the HH Guide's improbability drive? Where are they in developing that thing anyway? JGuy

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