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If the Internet is the problem, is more government really the solution? Stop the express, I want to get off.

Two underage girls charged: Internet fiction motivated attack?

“We are just animals” is supposed to be a virtuous concept that causes us to care about animals (one must hope it works out better than the way animals “care about” each other).

Video games are not taking over your kid’s brain. What’s happening is more conventional: He is daydreaming instead of learning.

Isn’t university a little too expensive as babysitting for adults?

The rise of the campus brownshirt in the academic wasteland
Brownshirts are political thugs bent on suppressing civil liberties or ideas they disapprove via noisy demonstrations, hinting at violence to come.

Is the Internet safe? Well, is our neighbourhood safe?
Acting prudently gives us as much peace of mind as we can realistically have in the world as it is.


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