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From This Week’s Science: “The Animal Tree of Life”

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This week’s Science carries an interesting article by Maximilian Telford on animal phylogeny, noting many cases of incongruity between trees drawn from morphology and those inferred from molecular studies. Download the article here.

AHA. Thats right. The presumed concept of genetics being the trail of biological heritage bumps into the truth. It ain't a trail but only a parts department. got the part then got the dNA. Unrelated to cousins. morphology is the better guide. tHis is why marsupial wolves and lions and mice and moles should be seen as the same creatures as placental wolves-moles. Not looking at pouches and saying that sells relationship. Then saying glory, glory to convergent evolution. It all comes down to the evidence. What is the biological scientific evidence that genetics shows biological relationships ?? Robert Byers

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