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Map of universe questioned; dwarf galaxies don’t fit standard model

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Dwarf galaxies that orbit the Milky Way and the Andromeda galaxies defy the accepted model of galaxy formation, and recent attempts to wedge them into the model are flawed, reports an international team of astrophysicists.

Sounds like somebody’s baby. Who’s your daddy?

Junk matter!? Haha---I love it, ppolish! :-) Junk matter and junk energy. Nothing important here folks. -Q Querius
Haha, Querius, I have on a number of occassions been reprimanded in such a manner by the darwin faithful. humbled
Junk Galaxies are to be expected in Cosmic Evo Theory? Junk Matter is 95% of Universe by current count I believe. ppolish
Of course dwarf galaxies fit the standard model---they must have---they evolved! The authors of the paper simply don't understand stellar evolution. Besides, they are kooks. If they knew anything about stellar evolution they would agree with the consensus among cosmologists and astrophysicists who are far more qualified than they are that dwarf galaxies obviously must have formed under different conditions. That we haven't yet fully understood every last nuance of stellar evolution doesn't give them the right to try to overturn the massive corpus of published research supporting the standard model. This is just a way that they're trying to sneak God into science education. ;-) -Q Querius

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