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Oxford’s John Lennox Has A New Website

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I have been enjoying listening to Professor John Lennox of Oxford University over the weekend at the Philadelphia Westminster Conference on Science & Faith. Readers may be interested to learn that John Lennox has a new website, which you can access here!

Professor Lennox is a true treasure! Blue_Savannah
Challenging Darwin at the Westminster Conference - Jonathan M. - April 8, 2013 Excerpt: If you didn't make it to the conference this time around, a DVD of the event is being produced, and there is always next year's event to attend. http://www.evolutionnews.org/2013/04/challenging_dar070961.html bornagain77
News, I was very interested in many of the talks given at Westminster Conference on Science & Faith. Particularly,,
"The Origin of the Universe" (John Lennox) "The Origin of Life" (John Lennox) "The Beginnings of a New Biology Based on Design" (Doug Axe) "Darwin’s Doubt: The Cambrian Explosion and Evidence for Intelligent Design"(Stephen Meyer) "What's Wrong with Darwinism?"(Paul Nelson) http://www.discovery.org/scripts/viewDB/filesDB-download.php?command=download&id=9181
Do you know if any of these talks will be available as videos on the web for those of us who did not attend the conference? If so, when and where? bornagain77

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