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Why need anything have come before Big Bang?


No, it’s a serious question, as New Scientist asks, and wants money to hear an answer: But one always finds oneself coming back to the Big Question with a Bigger Question: What if nothing did?

What if it is like asking what is the natural number that comes before 1?

For that matter, what if we just didn’t exist before we were conceived?

For whom is that a problem and why?

Don’t know or care, just wondering.

See also: Cosmology in the age of confusion.

From the article link... #1 Mystery that physics can't answer...yet - "What came before Big Bang?" #2 "How does a bicycle stay upright?" As a bicycle shop owner that question keeps me up at night:) I sell lots of helmets. I believe Einstein was on the right track though: 'Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." As I ride home today I'll try to avoid thinking about increasing entropy. Distracts from paying attention to traffic. Guided, purposeful motion. Like everything. And non things too. ppolish

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