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Coldest Warm Day Ever Recorded in Buffalo Today

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Buffalo hit an all time record low high of 64 degrees for this day breaking the previous record of 66 degrees set in 1882. Global warming is MIA in this neck of the woods. I’m just sayin’.

Tom The still standing record for the hottest summer in Austin is the summer of 1925. Going by the global warming logic that correlation and causation are the same thing we can safely say that the 1925 record must have been from all the CO2 in a half million Ford Model T exhausts. Good thing those global warming producing clunkers are not being made anymore. A half million of those generated more global warming than 100 million modern SUVs. DaveScot
Here's one for you guys, from last month IIRC: http://www.adn.com/626/story/447132.html wnelson
"The sun pwns us." That is gamer talk. We'll have none of that here. This is RL dude. :D tragicmishap
(please make note above of the implicit sarcastic, facetious, satire) Frost122585
No you are all wrong. This proves global warming because the ice caps melting caused the waters to cool and move out towards the middel of the ocean which inturn cooled the air currents which are causing the cooling. COOLING IS PROOF OF GLOBAL WARMING. DUH! Frost122585
Interesting. Of course, on January 6 of this year, Oklahoma City also set a record high temperature of 75 degrees. terry fillups
I like the Glenn Beck promo in which he is described as the only person with the courage to advocate the only real solution to global warming: blow up the sun. GilDodgen
It's the sunspots, dude. They stopped. We're going to have some climate change alright if they don't fire back up. You'll wish it was warming. The sun pwns us. DaveScot
64 was our daytime high. Alaska was warmer. DaveScot
I got a 59 degree reading on my thermometer last night (outside Philly). tribune7

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