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Cosmic Rays Implicated in Climate Change


In a nutshell – cosmic rays induce particle formation in the atmosphere. Water droplets coalesce around these particles producing clouds. Clouds reflect sunlight back into space. The more clouds the cooler it is and the fewer clouds the hotter it is. The sun’s magnetic field deflects more or fewer cosmic rays depending on its intensity. Its magnetic field waxes and wanes substantially over time. But that’s not the whole story. A larger variable than how much or little deflection the sun provides is the strength of the cosmic rays coming from outside the solar system. As the sun orbits the galactic center it passes through regions of higher and lower cosmic ray density. Moreover exploding stars (supernovas) unpredictably increase the cosmic ray flux. Cosmic ray intensity can be tracked across geologic time by analyzing sedimentary rocks from recent times to billions of years ago and some of the solar galactic crossings through higher and lower regions of cosmic ray intensity (such as spiral arm and nebula crossings) are predictable past and future.

This handily explains why global warming in the antarctic ice core record shows CO2 increases lagging behind temperature increases by hundreds of years. Cosmic ray intensity decreases, fewer clouds are formed, the atmosphere warms up, hundreds of years later the ocean warms up in response to atmospheric warming, and the warmer water releases CO2 because not as much can be dissolved in warmer water.

Anthropogenic warming through CO2 is a fallacy. It can’t stand up against the evidence even now and all it’s going to take to make a laughingstock of the consensus science and agenda driven politics behind it is finding the real cause of climate heating and cooling. When the anthropogenic global warming hoax falls it’s going to give consensus science a black eye that will IMO take down other consensus science just-so stories along with it. NeoDarwinian macro-evolution is one of those other stories.

Cosmoclimatology: a new theory emerges
by Henrik Svensmark
Director of Center for Sun-Climate Research
Danish National Space Center

Astronomy & Geophysics,Volume 48, 2007


Changes in the intensity of galactic cosmic rays alter the Earth’s cloudiness. A recent experiment has shown how electrons liberated by cosmic rays assist in making aerosols, the building blocks of cloud condensation nuclei, while anomalous climatic trends in Antarctica confirm the role of clouds in helping to drive climate change. Variations in the cosmic-ray influx due to solar magnetic activity account well for climatic fluctuations on decadal, centennial and millennial timescales. Over longer intervals, the changing galactic environment of the solar system has had dramatic consequences, including Snowball Earth episodes. A new contribution to the faint young Sun paradox is also on offer.

Read the entire paper in PDF format (much better than the HTML version at Blackwell-Synergy) here. It’s very detailed, easy to understand, and well illustrated.

When the anthropogenic global warming hoax falls it’s going to give consensus science a black eye that will IMO take down other consensus science just-so stories along with it.
The problem is that before it falls it's going to cost us all a lot of money. dacook
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This theory is covered handily in the BBC documentary "The Great Global Warming Conspiracy." elvis
I corrected the link. Sorry about that. The pdf (which has all the images large size full resolution)is available here https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/images/cosmoclimatology.pdf DaveScot
I can't reach the paper from the given link with either MS IE or Firefox. Is there perhaps something the matter with it? mathemos
Question for you Dave: Was global warming ever a consensus among scientists? That video you posted a few days ago makes it look as if the entire idea was politically motivated and sustained from the beginning. tragicmishap

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