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DEVELOPING EVENT: Bombings in Brussels, after capture of terrorist mastermind


The developing pattern of terrorist attacks in the West continues.

Looks like a bombing at an airport and a metro station in Brussels after a terrorist mastermind was captured Friday last. It seems so far, 26 dead, dozens wounded. The airport bombing may be a suicide bombing.

Sky News, live:

[youtube y60wDzZt8yg]

Heads up. END

Unfortunately, the heaviest security in the world will never prevent these things from happening. They put security before the gates so the crazies bring their bombs to the check-in counters. You can put the screening at the entrance to the airport, but that will only shift the lines from the check-in counters to the airport entrance. To say nothing of the fact that citizens in northern climes would not react well to having to line up outside in the cold. Indiana Effigy
ISIS -- apparently? -- claims responsibility: http://www.wnd.com/2016/03/isis-claims-responsibility-for-brussels/?cat_orig=world kairosfocus
Another multiple terrorist bombing attack, this time Brussels. kairosfocus

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