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From The Best Schools: Life as a scholar when you can’t say things that are just plain true . . .





In a given legal environment, a lot depends on whether you can just walk away from a mortgage. One reason for the subprime crisis in the United States was the fact that it was relatively easy for people to contract a mortgage and then just walk away. The government was backing home ownership.

In many English common law countries, it is not that simple. Canada, for example, does not let a homeowner just walk away from a mortgage. That is because the government doesn’t get involved, except for policing the soundness of banks. Mortgage lending is based on the savings invested in the bank, savings that will not likely be required in the next few weeks—but might be.


Thought and speech control started with the identity stuff and then went to origin matters. there is no such thing as racism much less is it illegal or punishable by anybody in a nation. A job belongs to you and is not to be taken from you because of your ideas and conclusions. Its time for a major North american movement to take back freedom to draw conclusions in life where there is no legal prohibition. No more punishment of correction or bossism about anything. its not illegal to be racist or say racist things. its not important. Its not to be punished as this means someone can punish you like a master. The power to punish led to those witrh the power to be the judge and this leads to wicked robbery of ones job, money, reputation. Freedom truly has been invaded and is occupied by modern tyrants. Defence of innocence is not good enough. Defence of freedom and denial of others to judge and punish us must be the weapons to bring back freedom and the best chance for truth to prevail. North America has been invaded and is occupied here and there by the invadors. Robert Byers

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