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Global Cooling Sets In; Al Gore Apologizes for Trying to Send Everyone Into A Tizzy Over Global Warming

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 The second part of the headline is false.  The first part is true.  See the article in the Daily Tech here.


All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA’s GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts compiled the results of all the sources. The total amount of cooling ranges from 0.65C up to 0.75C — a value large enough to erase nearly all the global warming recorded over the past 100 years. All in one year time. For all sources, it’s the single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down.

Guys, something definitely is going on with the weather, there is no denying it. But I refuse to feel like a victim and I shall not bow down to a system that constantly treats me like a nincompoop deserving of some kind of punishment or even death as suggested by the likes of Eric Pianka. We must guard against the risk of placing too much blame or emphasis in any one area, to the exclusion of alternative and probably more worthy explicative scenarios, and run the potential of having our individual rights and dignitites violated. The Global Warming Scare Tactic has that potential and this is exactly where we are heading if Gore and company have their ways. JPCollado
BarryA "Other factors (in particular solar activity) overwhelm" our "input." The fact that there is 10,000 times as much solar energy as ALL fossil fuel use is conveniently ignored or unknown by most people. Furthermore, CO2 absorption will increasingly saturate with little further absorption. That leaves H2O is the primary greenhouse gas AND the primary variable in REFLECTING solar energy. Roy W. Spencer eloquently summarizes this in Global Warming and Nature's Thermostat Spencer comments on the latest temperature data:
Fig. 9. Satellite-measured monthly globally averaged lower atmospheric temperature variations since 1990. When one considers that the cooling from the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo and the warming from the 1997-98 El Nino were not part of any underlying trend, one can imagine a period of roughly steady temperatures from 1990 to 2000, then warming until 2002, then roughly steady temperatures again from 2002 through 2007.
"Then we will have the knowledge necessary to discern the effects of human activity." Right now we have direct, first hand, and fairly accurate knowledge of at most 250 years of weather, and really accurate knowledge of only about 150 years of weather. Considering the scale of time (tens of thousands of years) the global warming scaremongers need to have knowledge about I doubt we will have accurate climate forecasting skills for thousands of years. Why can't they just say that? sincerely, d. grey dennis grey
Dennis Gray:
Can’t we simply stick to the claim that global climate is far too chaotic a system for anyone to ever understand?
No. Definitely not. This precipitous one-year drop is something that scientists will/should spend many man-years trying to understand. While it is obvious that we don't yet understand, the weather is just an inanimate system that is influence by outside forces. We know what many of those forces are. We will ultimately understand what enough are to make sense of, even forecast, this sort of event. Then we will have the knowledge necessary to discern the effects of human activity. bFast
Dennis [re 11], The important evidence does not appear to be in conflict. The issue is not whether it is warmer or cooler in any particular place (such as your back yard). The issue is whether on average across the globe temps are dropping. As to this issue, there is no conflict. On average across the globe temps are dropping. Your last point is a good one to keep in mind. It is hubris of staggering proportions to think that we can control the climate by making it hotter or colder. Other factors (in particular solar activity) overwhelm out input. BarryA
Barry, how do we weigh evidence when there are so many conflicting sources? My home town just experienced the mildest winter in fifty years. I realize that conflicting evidence cannot be used the way the science dictators want to use it to promote the cult of global warming but I don't see that we can claim global cooling either. The flowers in my yard are already starting to sprout, over a month early. Can't we simply stick to the claim that global climate is far too chaotic a system for anyone to ever understand? sincerely, d. grey dennis grey
Don't you get it, Barry? This just goes to show that all those exhortations to turn off lights, take less plane trips, etc., are finally paying off! Just think how much larger that drop could have been if only Bush had signed up to Kyoto... You need to learn to think like a liberal. ;) Jadster
bFast, I wish I could answer with positive evidence. The thing that makes him a suspect in my eyes is the prayerful rendition he gave in China at a UN gathering in the 90s. If I could only remember the details of the news I remember seeing in CNN about ten years ago. Hillary Clinton was there also. So was Bush and other recognizable names. There they were holding hands with Chinese officials in a circle and praying to Mother Earth. I mean, really praying! Do you know which news item I am referring to? JPCollado
JPCollado, it seems that you are inferring that Gore is a devotee of Gaia from indirect evidence. Is it your contention that he would agree with you on this, or that he would fail a lie detector test if he denied it? Ie, is it your contention that Gore is a conscious devotee of Gaia or is he just ensnared in Gian beliefs without being conscious of his belief's source? bFast
An offshoot of the Cult of Gaia is the Gaia Hypothesis, where its religious beliefs are cloaked in scientific language. Just as eugenicists have succeeded in transforming the topic of abortion into a socio-political debate over freedom of choice, Gaia devotees pursue the protection of their goddess via the clout of global warming and other such tactics, with the backing of “thousands” of scientific priests. No wonder since powerful globalist-minded organizations and foundations are providing the coals and fanning the fire. And no wonder, too, why Earth-worshipers are striving for a reduction of the population. (I’m now remembering Eric Pianka’s outrageous statements and the standing ovation he received). The common denominator in all of this is that other good ‘ole time religion that Darwin founded, which has served as a spiritual springboard for a lot of these cultic ideas. No one can really say that modern scientists are quite detached from intoxicating ideologies or are capable of escaping from their own cherished convictions. We all know about the pet little doctrines we all passionately carry in our worn-out spiritual bags. And consensus thinking is a good way of reigning in dissenting opinions and an effective method for creating solidarity towards a common goal. Such is the power of One. JPCollado
Al Gore is an ardent devotee of the Cult of Gaia and as such, it is highly unlikely that he would ever apologize for a belief system very much near his heart. In his Acceptance Speech given in Oslo back in December, Gore revealed where part of that inspiration came from:
In the last year of that war {WWII}, you gave the Peace Prize to a man from my hometown of 2000 people, Carthage, Tennessee. Cordell Hull was described by Franklin Roosevelt as the "Father of the United Nations." He was an inspiration and hero to my own father, who followed Hull in the Congress and the U.S. Senate and in his commitment to world peace and global cooperation. My parents spoke often of Hull, always in tones of reverence and admiration. Eight weeks ago, when you announced this prize, the deepest emotion I felt was when I saw the headline in my hometown paper that simply noted I had won the same prize that Cordell Hull had won. I n that moment, I knew what my father and mother would have felt were they alive.
Taken from http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/2007/gore-lecture_en.html Hmmm. So what'd ya know. It will not be surprising to find out if Al Gore's current mission is in perfect alignment with the goals of a so-called "Father of the United Nations" even before the concept of global warming entered the collective consciousness of the world....a Father of an organization that has been known to only sabotage that which is representative of human decency and morality. JPCollado
This "cooling" is proof that global warming is real! Ya see if the world wasn't warmer it couldn't have cooled down. Geez don't you guys know nuthin? ;) Joseph
Crap. As one that has been very outspoken in my circles about anthroprogenic global warming, this is, evidence in support of that, but before anyone basks in the glory of knowing it was a farce and putting our reputations on the line, one needs to seriously question what we do now. If historical trends prove, trendy, we are in for a mighty cold era that's going to last a long time and hurt a lot of people. And now that the boy has cried wolf, Im not sure people are going to take it seriously. Gods iPod
So tell me again ... why should we trust scientists? Good on you DaveScot for continually exposing the peer-pressure and false prophecies! CN
At a cocktail party a man approached a colleague and commented that the woman in the corner was the homeliest female he had ever seen. His colleague retorted that it was his wife he was talking about. The man quickly replied, "Not that corner, it's the one in the other corner." Warming, cooling, no, it's "climate change." This is about as slick as Gould's "punctuated equilibrium." What is it about science, culture, and politics? Grant money, saving face, and always that a priori materialistic commitment. I believe that polar bears have mounted a conspiracy after viewing their cartoon in AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. toc
Damn you Al Gore! I was counting on water front property! Frost122585

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