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    DaveScot says:

    This seemed like an interesting fun topic but was out of place on the thread where it started. So here it is.

    As in most or maybe all vehicle designs (aircraft stability is fun to learn about too) there is a tradeoff between maneuverability and stability.

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    bornagain77 says:

    Is not a similar type of complex gyroscopic phenomena responsible for imparting an “illusion of solidness” to the energy basis of our reality?

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    Michaels7 says:

    In the spirit of fun….

    Rolling Thunder in DC, no snazzy muzak, but 500,000 or so two wheelers roll every year.

    Bornagain77, “an illusion of solid design” hehe πŸ˜‰

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    Michaels7 says:


    i looked at preview and zoned out…

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    Michaels7 says:

    One wheel…

    cool varient of segway tech…


    hahahaha! riot indeed…

    Kids, whaddaya gonna do?

    What I had envisioned only recently was done long ago…

    Modern Day monowheel…

    just because….

    such creative talents…

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    Lurker says:

    More off topic news. This time about global warming.

    “Drought Makes Rain Forest Greener”

    And you thought global warming was all bad.

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    bornagain77 says:

    Off Topic Topic on a Off Topic page;

    The leaves are starting to change here in Mn., so I thought of this autumn poem. I hope some of you enjoy it as much as I do/did;

    Autumn Leaf’s Laughter

    Oh please do tell of your secret
    you majestic autumn leaves,
    Gloriously crowning the landscapes of trees,
    Do you dare go out in a rush of beauty
    While you are slowly dieing ?
    Pay ye no heed to all the other de^aths
    So solemnly attended with tears and crying ?
    Or does the essence in you somehow yearn jealously for a glorious life to come ?
    And you somehow know that de^ath
    Shouldn’t be sad but fun?
    For i truly wish i could die like you
    And that i knew the secret of your story,
    So that my countenance should light up and glow
    As my soul is delivered to behold God’s glory,
    So please autumn leaves which mock
    De^ath with such defiant belly laughter,
    Do tell us your secret over de^ath
    So that we may properly enter the hereafter.

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    DaveScot says:

    Speaking of one wheel…

    I put about 50,000 miles on one these in Southern Calfornia in my younger days.

    Honda XL 350

    300 pounds, 27 horsepower, single piston 350cc 4-stroke, 75 miles per gallon

    It was okay on the freeway with a top speed over 80 miles per hour. The maneuverability and quickness under 65mph was awesome. I drove it on city streets, highways, mountains, deserts, and beaches. I bet I drove it on one wheel a couple thousand of those miles. Interestingly, it’s actually quite easy to make turns at low speeds while the front wheel is off the ground and that bike would pick up the front wheel easily at any speed under 30mph just by shifting your weight to the rear of the seat and tweaking the throttle. I did it all the time and miraculously never got pulled over by the police for it. I believe it’s some sort of moving violation to pull a wheelie on public streets.

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