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When was the last time you sat down and read a whole book in sequence? Honestly?

People were buying our books for their nephews or their pastors or whoever else they thought “ought to” read them. They themselves were “too busy” to read books.

How do we know when we need a silent retreat from the Internet?

One problem, he says is that it is increasingly difficult for many young people to participate in a silent retreat. I suspect that they will end up knowing everybody and everything except themselves, which is not good new for their spiritual development.

Internet, meet the Seven Deadly Sins

Actually, I think that “Wikipedia is my library” should be the new definition of sloth.

Why school Internet filters are important

A school is not a shopping mall. Under compulsory education acts, students within a certain age range are required to be at school by law.

If the Internet is the problem, is more government really the solution?

Stop the express, I want to get off.

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