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O/T: A prayer request . . .

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After some hesitation, I think it best to cross-post the following from my personal blog; trusting that even the militant will realise that there are some things that rise above whatever animus motivates them:


>>Given the extreme hostility and bullying, “out”- and- intimidate tactics that too often are associated with today’s online skeptical community (of which I am a target), I hesitated to bring up the following general prayer request.

However, I have more reason to trust in the power of God in answer to fervent prayers than I have reason to be concerned on possible consequences at the hands of the vicious and twisted. (They, too, need prayer and a healthy dose of guilt leading to repentance and transformation.)

I have a son, now on his way to major medical intervention overseas in light of recent developments, of such delicacy that the difference between success and devastating failure is literally 1/8 of an inch.

Accordingly, I request prayers for the proverbial guidance of the final diagnosis and surgical interventions and follow up care that lie ahead; also, for the logistical details connected therewith.

Thank you.  >>


Thank you. KF