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Weather Channel Founder: “[Global Warming] is the greatest scam in history”


Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming ‘Greatest Scam in History’

By John Coleman

It is the greatest scam in history. I am amazed, appalled and highly offended by it. Global Warming; It is a SCAM. Some dastardly scientists with environmental and political motives manipulated long term scientific data to create an allusion of rapid global warming. Other scientists of the same environmental whacko type jumped into the circle to support and broaden the “research” to further enhance the totally slanted, bogus global warming claims. Their friends in government steered huge research grants their way to keep the movement going. Soon they claimed to be a consensus.

Environmental extremists, notable politicians among them, then teamed up with movie, media and other liberal, environmentalist journalists to create this wild “scientific” scenario of the civilization threatening environmental consequences from Global Warming unless we adhere to their radical agenda. Now their ridiculous manipulated science has been accepted as fact and become a cornerstone issue for CNN, CBS, NBC, the Democratic Political Party, the Governor of California, school teachers and, in many cases, well informed but very gullible environmentally conscientious citizens. Only one reporter at ABC has been allowed to counter the Global Warming frenzy with one 15 minute documentary segment.

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What do you get when the most recent winner of the Nobel Peace Prize plays the drums? Al-Gore-rhythm. Someone stop me before I pun again. BarryA
One good thing about Mr. Gore's Nobel Prize, it will forever remain an historical landmark for bogus science. jstanley01
Mike1962, According to Al there isn't anything to debate. And therefore by even accepting an offer to debate would mean there may be something to be debated. But I can imagine what he would be saying- "Are all these scientists* wrong?" (*the scientists who agree with him) Joseph
"I am sure that Al would not approve" Does the fact that Algore will not debate anyone on the subject speak volumes or not? C'mon Al, wuddya 'fraid of? mike1962
Hopefully, things will become a bit more objective after the presidential election. Berceuse
Does anybody have any good rescources on whether ice in antartica is increasing or decreasing? I know the artic is shrinking significantly but what about the South Pole? Jehu
Last year, I attended the Fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union. I found it strange that Al Gore decided to give a talk at the meeting and I'm sure it was the best attended talk of the meeting. The problem with making global warming as political has Gore has is that scientists cease to be objective on the matter. The scientists have an agenda, which means that they have a stake in the final outcome. They want their work known and the more known that it becomes, the easier it is for them to get funding. This is not science but marketing. DrDan
I just finished reading The Real 'Inconvenient Truth'. Good stuff, but I am sure that Al would not approve... Joseph
I guess this means that central Massachusetts won't be beach-front property any time soon. Thanks for nothing Al... ;) Joseph

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