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A friend wonders if the origin of life people are getting desperate


Dunno. He was referring to this “hair bleach” claim:

Writing in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Professor John Brindley, from the University of Leeds, and his colleagues, said: ‘The story of the relationship between hydrogen peroxide and life is complex and dynamic, and fraught with certain natural tensions which have led to human misapprehensions.

‘In this work, we show that the association may be extremely ancient, that the story may have begun more than 3.7 billion years ago, the first chapter providing the periodic pH and thermal drive that enabled the RNA world to replicate, evolve and develop enzyme activity.

‘We affirm that concern over the alleged toxicity of hydrogen peroxide to life is largely misplaced in the current context.’

The researchers added that hydrogen peroxide could also be a useful biosignature for when searching for life on other worlds. More.

As someone who uses stuff like that to kill troublesome life forms on this world, I (O’Leary for News) am going to withhold a judgement on other worlds.

Isn’t the real problem here that they are still trying to figure out how information can arise without intelligence? Still trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents?

See also: How it became such a mess

The most helpful book I have encountered so far on the subject: The Origin of Life Circus

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I love to see this rambunctious combative spirit being shown to the sneering numpties of secular fundamentalism. The more I think of Dawkins', 'It only gives the overwhelming appearance of having been designed', the dafter it seems - and that above all, for a scientist. Empirical science is, by very definition, based on appearances, even if not literally visual, since without such appearances, there could be no tests and measurements. Like Hawking when his guards down, i.e. when addressing metaphysical questions, not naive realists; just infinitely naive. Axel
Mapou, Liars for Darwin have never shown any signs of shame because they believe it to be a weakness and no Darwinists wants to believe to be a weakling because of their beliefs incorporated in the survival of the fittest BS.... There is more to this issue though when one analyzes the behavior of suspects like Coyne, PZ Myers, Moran or Dawkins.... these people seem to deeply believe in what they believe in and that aspect of their belief systems worries me the most, rather than their lack of shame which is concerning as well... KevNick
What bothers me is the shameless way they go about promoting their pseudoscience. As Paul Feyerabend once wrote, "the most stupid procedures and the most laughable results in their domain are surrounded with an aura of excellence. It is time to cut them down to size and give them a lower position in society." Mapou

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