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Hint at how life got started on early Earth?


Further to The toaster oven origin of life theory (But if it was this simple, why isn’t it happening all the time on Earth, favoured for such ventures? There is a taxpayer born every minute in some places):

From New Scientist:

Watery time capsule hints at how life got started on early Earth

Barbara Sherwood Lollar at the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, and her team discovered the water a few years ago oozing from rocky fractures 2 kilometres below the surface at the Kidd mine near Timmins in Ontario. The water, which is about 1.5 billion years old, appears to show no signs of life – an extremely rare find. … Her team has previously found a wealth of complex organic molecules in the water.

Now her colleague, Christopher Glein, has performed a raft of calculations to show that all of those molecules could have formed through perfectly feasible abiotic chemical reactions in the conditions found in such ancient hydrothermal vents.

His calculations show the conditions were particularly favourable for the formation of some key chemicals, including glyceraldehyde, one of the precursors of RNA and DNA, and pyruvate, which is important for cell metabolism.

Yet life never happened. there Nothing like life ever happened there. More.

What if we turned the story around and asked why life did not happen there, instead of seizing on every failure as proof of success?

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Its C3H6O3. 12 whole atoms!
It is also lactic acid but probably a different structure. Now if they found the parts to a ribosome. jerry
This is so lame its embarrassing. "Complex organic molecules" "Her Colleague, has performed a Raft of Calculations to show that all of those molecules could have formed through perfectly feasible abiotic chemical reactions" Glyceraldehyde!!!! Its C3H6O3. 12 whole atoms! If that's a "complex organic molecule", what would be a simple one? Say you were a parent, paying for your kid to go to the "University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada", and you read this ridiculous press release. Wouldn't you feel they were taking you to the cleaners? chris haynes

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