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James Tour on the hypocrisy of origin of life conjectures – updated


More on James Tour here:

A prominent chemist who was recognized this year as one of the 50 most influential scientists in the world says most scientists do not understand how evolution could explain the existence of life.

Dr. James Tour is a well-known professor at Rice University, specializing in chemistry, nanoengineering, and computer science. Over the last 30 years, Tour has authored over 500 research publications, and he was recognized as one of “The 50 Most Influential Scientists in the World Today” by TheBestSchools.org. Tour has also received awards and recognitions from the American Chemical Society, Thomson Reuters, Honda, NASA, and others.

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bb, Yep. And I love the quote! :-) -Q Querius
Thanks Querius. I think the charge of being disingenuous is just an excuse to shut out the real issue: How does this chemistry just happen? It is very much, and obviously, unlikely that it did on its own. I like this bit from Irving Kristol: "When we lack the will to see things as they really are, there is nothing so mystifying as the obvious." bb
I suspect that all Dr. Tour intended to say is that a single cell is not simple. This is true for prokaryotes as well, considering the proton-motive reversible rotary engines powering their flagella. I know that some prokaryotic cells supposedly evolved into more complex eukaryotic cells, but the prokaryotic cells of today are the most highly evolved of all life on earth. They are not the same as the most-recent common ancestor of both the eukaryotes and prokaryotes. It's interesting to contemplate whether ancestral prokaryotes were either less complicated or more complicated (less streamlined) than contemporary prokaryotes. -Q Querius
Shared this video with a Darwinist I know, and he said Tour was disingenuous because he showed a eukaryote, at the beginning of his talk, and called it the simplest life we know. That was my friend's reason to stop the video in the first 5 minutes. bb
Phinehas @ 10 observed
I thought the question about whether scientists might eventually figure this out was interesting.
Indeed. The question reveals what some people call "the Darwin of the Gaps" idea. Simply put, it's the idea that whatever insurmountable problem confronts the Theory of Evolution, given enough time, an answer will eventually be found. While such faith might be commendable in a religion, I don't think it's appropriate in science. While I agree that some puzzling data doesn't necessarily overthrow a theory or a law, discrepancies are always important to pursue. They may reveal methodological errors, or perhaps a new phenomena. However, the Darwin of the Gaps(tm) approach is to then sweep the problems under the rug after labeling it "This phenomenon is not yet completely understood," after which it is totally ignored. So for example, should someone bring up the problem, the correct response would be
"Ah, yes. That's an area in which not every last detail has been worked out yet,"
and then move on. -Q Querius
A digression, stimulated by the user name at 9: An interesting line I like from Madeleine Peyroux's song "Bare Bones":
The truth itself is nothing but a gamble It might or might not set you free
I thought the question about whether scientists might eventually figure this out was interesting. I imagine Dr. Tour's answer was based on the idea that we'd eventually figure out how to create simple life using intelligent design (if we didn't kill each other first0, but I think the person asking the question might have been so entrenched in naturalistic thinking they didn't even consider that possibility. Phinehas
Thank you, Dr. Tour. Excellent presentation! Truth Will Set You Free
REW sez
….but of course hes wrong about OOL
What's there to be wrong about? Jim Tour says it's a mystery to chemists (who apparently are not as gullible as biologists :o), but that he's in favor of continued research in this area. The Bible says that God created the heavens and the earth. It doesn't say that we shouldn't try to figure out how. -Q Querius
I've watched several of Tour's lectures now. I've got to say he's really an extraordinary guy...an extremely likable guy. If I were an undergrad now I'd switch to organic chemistry so that he could be my mentor though I'd be worried about disappointing him. ....but of course hes wrong about OOL REW
Without a doubt, the seemingly impregnable rebuff from evolutionists to those who believe in a higher intelligence is that, there are no other scientific explanations, therefore, on the basis of original or modified Darwinism, any reference to such is invalid. This simply means of course, ‘let’s huddle together and keep things closed.’ Not broad-minded intellectual thinking? However, there are indeed other valid explanations, and not resting on a shed load of imaginary occurrences. And in relation to stasis of kinds. Historically, in terms of Judaeo-Christianity, no imaginary explanations are needed, as we are dealing with miracles, something science will not and cannot explain. The reported eyewitness of unnatural events (supernatural events) throughout such history cannot be denied; therefore, the possibility of miracles exists. Darwin, of course, denied that possibility. He reduced the Judaeo-Christian scripture to folly, “erroneous.” No proof of course of whether miracles operate or not: first big mistake. Still, surely, by now, the best brains and equipment in “science” should be able to evolve a human from a simian, or similar? After all, that is their best theory/philosophy. Or, such intellect and brilliance should, at least, be able to take minerals and such like found in dirt/clay/dust, and using the correct atmospherics and such like, produce one single spark of life; a living organism. No matter how small, but one single operational life form. No bits of cells here and there. Or, if that is too difficult, (the following is unethical of course, but I am sure that will not prevent someone having a bash). In recent times, “a Dutch scientist Bernelot Moens tried to artificially inseminate a black woman with the sperm from an ape.” The repugnant and degrading Darwinian experiment failed. Ann Coulter, Godless: The Church Of Liberalism, (2006) p. 270. Why to prove Darwinism by reverse common descent! Let’s take that back in the imagination, for that is where the degrading theory came from. The result, no doubt, the ruined reputation of the experimenter; ape sperm remained ape sperm, and the offspring would be an idiot. If that theoretical experiment is not enough, try a more practical experiment. Take the best and the fittest pair of breeding simians that can be found, and say, over a 10000 year experiment, monitored in some available forest, and document any changes. What would we realistically expect? In relation to Professor James M. Tour, a final thought experiment that you can easily transfer into practical results (I don’t think). https://uncommondescent.com/intelligent-design/a-world-famous-chemist-tells-the-truth-theres-no-scientist-alive-today-who-understands-macroevolution/ The chemical diagram in the above link looks to me like a moon roller with four wheels. The experiment; prove you can collect all the mechanical arrangements for drive shafts, gears and such like, combined them as a four wheel drive, then sit a life form on top and make it intelligently go at will in any direction. Make it alive! First find the fount of life. Stones that assemble and turn into life are found in the enchanted mist shrouded forest of Darwin. The point of all this: one way must be a miracle; the other way remains impossibility. mw
Dr Tour is genius nano mechanic! Great video. Eugen
An enjoyable watch. Splatter
Brilliant! EvilSnack lives up to his or her name. Very true. The scientific establishment has set up a system with an ideological equivalent of the scrubbers in a cell. But Dr. Tour's experiences with the scientific establishment are repeated everywhere in our society. There are people who use their power to force us to compromise in everything we do, make, and publish. This includes the establishments that pressure us to create or tolerate - Massive lies in advertising - Pathetically low-quality appliances that catch fire - Cheap consumer goods that quickly break and fill up dumps - Poorly designed software that frustrate us all - Contaminated food and medicine that saves a few cents - Distorted news designed to mold popular opinion - Low quality construction that jeopardizes lives - An education system that protects grossly incompetent teachers and pretend that it's due to a lack of funding - Pill doctors - Insurance companies that delay or refuse to pay out - A legal system that jails less than 5% of convicted rapists - Prisons at 137% of capacity in spite of court rulings - Universities that have become the most intolerant of human institutions on earth - Civil employees who receive about double the salaries of comparable people in industry, not to mention lavish retirement plans And on and on. I don't know how many people would take the risks Dr. Tour has taken. Would you stand up for truth, integrity, and quality knowing that you may well lose your job if you do? -Q Querius
Once the young progress into positions of influence, they will correct the injustices that have been thrust upon those that dare to question the mainstream scientific establishment.
Unless, of course, the establishment works to ensure that only those who agree with its views progress into positions of influence. That is how establishments work. EvilSnack
This lecture is definitely a keeper. bornagain77

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