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What would you advise this researcher to do? To read? To ask?

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Remember Rosie Redfield, who questioned NASA’s (since widely dismissed) claims for arsenic-eating bacteria*?

She now asks,

Depending on when I count from, I’ve spent the past twenty or thirty years trying to get people to think rigorously about whether bacteria have any processes that evolved to promote random recombination of chromosomal alleles or genes. And I’ve largely failed at this. A few people think my ideas are reasonable, but the great majority of microbiologists and evolutionary biologists continue to comfortably assume that genetic exchange happens in bacteria because it’s an evolutionary good thing. I’m still pretty sure they’re wrong, but I think I’ve done almost all I can to change their minds. I’m at a decision point. More.

Hat tip: Pos-Darwinista

* The find, had it held up, suggested new possibilities for identifying extraterrestrial organisms. Hence NASA’s interest.

If she had not questioned then who would of had the confidence to question? Would scientists at Naza and everywhere say WE know what were doing and saying. Trust us! i think you can't trust them. This woman seems smarter and seems to be saying evolution couldn't do what it should of done to bring creation in this area. I got a hunch smarter closer investigation will do this in every claim of evolution in time. Robert Byers

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