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Why did the stromatolites – earliest life forms- disappear?


Some researchers think they now know here.

Bernhard and Edgcomb thought foraminifera might have played a role. Foraminifera (or “forams,” for short) are protists, the kingdom that includes amoeba, ciliates, and other groups formerly referred to as “protozoa.” They are abundant in modern-day oceanic sediments, where they use numerous slender projections called pseudopods to engulf prey, to move, and to continually explore their immediate environment. Despite their known ability to disturb modern sediments, their possible role in the loss of stromatolites and appearance of thrombolites had never been considered.

Joealtle Not language used here as this is a sophisticated crowd. It was understood by any reader the living fossilism of this thing. They didn't get smaller rather thats just different types in the fossil record. Getting smaller is in no way a sign of a slow dying off. It would just be getting smaller. So what? They still are around and doing fine . They were all killed suddenly by the flood. Afterwards a new dominance took over the seas. Robert Byers
Except stromatolites show a slow decrease in population size, not a sudden dying off, and in fact, there are still some around today. You should get your facts from reliable sources instead of fables. Dumbfuck. Joealtle
They didn't disappeared but were killed suddenly. The fossils of them come from their death. The flood drowned and covered them with sediment and squeezed them into stone. After the flood they didn't compete and a new domiunace took over. Start with Genesis. Robert Byers

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