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A defense of peer review


from people who make their living out of it:

All three authors are employees of the American Institute of Biological Sciences’ Scientific Peer Advisory and Review Services (SPARS) Department in Reston, Virginia, where David Irwin is a senior scientist, Stephen A. Gallo is the technical operations manager, and Scott R. Glisson is the director.

They say

As such, participation in the scientific peer-review process is an exceptional opportunity for both new and seasoned faculty. Not surprisingly, NIH study section members have always enjoyed a higher success rate with their own applications than the general scientific community has, with a current funding rate more than 8 percent higher than the general success rate. Given these clear benefits, scientific peer review should not be viewed as just another hurdle or a nagging chore. Rather, it should be seen as an opportunity to share ideas, learn from others, and embrace the collective effort to move science forward.

Read and learn. Is it worth it for you?


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