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Skim milk another just-a-fad?


Pouring Milk Stock Photo From Jazz Shaw at Hot Air:

Remember when eggs were bad for you? All the doctors were telling us that eggs have cholesterol so they’re evil. Fortunately, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I pretty much ignored them. Later we learned that the facts doctors were so sure of turned out to be not quite so factual and that we evolved to process eggs fairly efficiently. Now we have yet another element of the conventional wisdom which may be crumbling under the light of additional study. We’ve been forcing kids to drink low fat or skim milk for years because that was supposed to be bad for you too. Frankly, I can’t stand that watery skim milk so I get the high test stuff anyway. This week we learn that the toxic nature of whole milk may have been rather overstated as well. (Time, emphasis added) More.

Nutrition is beginning to sound like another of those wannabe sciences. There’s no possible way to take most of it seriously at present, given the need to rely on self-reported data. See, for example, Diet science is nearly baseless, but it rules, and Nutritionist admits in The Scientist: Much nutrition research is “fatally flawed,” “willfully fraudulent” pseudoscience

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