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What next? Buying peer reviews?

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From Adam Marcus at Stat News:

What do Henry Kissinger and Martin Scorsese have in common? Fun fact: Both evidently review scientific manuscripts for money.

The EditPub site (which seemed on Thursday to be no longer up and running), is almost entirely in Chinese, but its homepage bills it as a “service center for scientific research.” Its existence came to light earlier this month after the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology retracted a 2015 article by a group from Dalian University in China. According to the journal, EditPub had “compromised” the peer review process in a way that the journal has so far refused to make public.

The retraction is but the latest in some 300 similar instances of journals pulling articles because of hacked peer reviews. More.

First Things is right. Science is bust.

Fixable but bust.

File:A small cup of coffee.JPG Bright side: At least we won’t need to listen to people wittering that peer review is the quality control of science quite so much now when lots of people knew this was brewing.

Sure, those people will deny they ever said it. The main thing is, they can’t just keep saying it on Tax TV with a straight face, and expect independent media to keep quiet or bow down and worship. Not anymore.

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