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At American Council on Science and Health: Postmodernism and the slow suicide of American science

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Microbiologist and science writer Alex Berezow reflects:

Postmodernism. Though nobody can actually define postmodernism, it is characterized by a rejection of objective truth. This toxic ideology is rampant in academia and gaining popularity in the broader culture. Its most nefarious manifestation is Critical Theory, which derives from Marxism and posits that society is nothing but a hierarchy of oppressors and the oppressed. Out of this nonsense comes the absurd belief that the scientific method and even knowledge itself are tools of the white patriarchy.

Does this all sound too ridiculous to be real? Alas, it is. Until it received a public backlash, the Smithsonian published a web page claiming that an “emphasis on the scientific method” and a focus on “objective, rational linear thinking” are examples of “white culture.” Investigations into the biological differences between men and women (of which there are many) are deemed sexist. Information of any kind that offends the listener is labeled “fake news.” In reality, a nation that can no longer tell the difference between truth and lies may be facing societal decline.

Alex Berezow, “The Slow Suicide Of American Science” at American Council on Science and Health

We’d like to see him get started on the war on math. and the war on science. All real, all Woke, all the time.

See also: Alex Berezow at American Council on Science and Health on Scientific American Going Woke. Note: Berezow seems to think that Scientific American is losing readers. A very recent attempted rah rah at Poynter is ambiguously worded.

The timeline is wrong. Investigating or even mentioning differences between sexes and ethnic groups has been absolutely forbidden since 1946. WW2 was the War To End All Genes. The subject of differences started to gain respectability in some parts of biology and medicine after 1990, but the null hypothesis is returning as default now. Some of the "postmodern" forces are old-fashioned separatists, which is actually a healthy countervector to the null hypothesis. Separatists are honest about the existence of genes. polistra
To have a country requires an ongoing effort (and an expense) of proper propaganda at all levels (aka Patriotism). Someone among The-Powers-That-Be (TPTB) has to care about doing this. My humble understanding is that America (and pretty much all the rest of the 1st World) have for the last 60 years embraced the exact opposite - TPTB did everything in their power to destroy the shared sense of the populace having a country. Now we're just witnessing the final act of destruction. "America is not a country. It is a business". ...And that business is apparently no longer profitable for its owners. Eugene

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