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At Mind Matters News: Why believe atheists about God?

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Logic and evidence both point to the existence of God, whatever atheists may think: Michael Egnor addresses three arguments in Steve Meyer’s new book, The Return of the God Hypothesis:

Cosmic fine-tuning: “Dr. Meyer also discusses the remarkable fine-tuning of the physical constants in the universe that is necessary for the existence of life. If any of these physical values were even slightly different, mankind would not have appeared. It is as if Someone were expecting us and rigged the physics of the universe to make sure we were created.”

The typical response from naturalist atheists (people who believe that physical nature is all there is) is to claim that there is a vast set of universes out there, in most of which we could not have been created. But there is no evidence for this vast set of universes.

Egnor notes elsewhere that the concept of a multiverse is not even logical: “Universe” means everything, so “other universes” makes no sense.”

That is, if these “other universes” aren’t part of the whole, they don’t exist. If they are, they must obey the laws of physics — or else it is the atheist’s responsibility to both prove their existence and to come up with some reason why they don’t obey those laws. The merely alleged existence of other universes is not an argument against what we observe.

News, “Why should we believe atheists on the subject of God?” at Mind Matters News

Takehome: Most atheist arguments involve quibbles with a vast body of logic, evidence, and experience. Listen, sure — but check it out.

I am always amused by the, "that's not how a real God would have done it" arguments one often hears from atheists. They don't believe in God, but they are sure they know how he would do things if he existed. Such arguments include the so-called "poor design" arguments against ID, the "why so many galaxies and billions of years before man" complaint, the "this could have been a much better world" wish, the "surely God would have prevented evil and death if he could", argument, among various others. As if people who do not know much about God are certain they know better how to create things. Fasteddious
Obviously it is subjectivity that is irrellevant to an atheist. And the logic / facts dealing with choice are also thrown out by the atheist, just because subjectivity works by free will. mohammadnursyamsu
Evidence and logic are irrelevant to an atheist till they believe they have a gotcha. Then logic overrides everything no matter how specious the evidence is. But who is more insane? The person using specious reasoning all the time, or the person who continually tries to convince the person using specious reasoning that they are wrong. Sometimes the latter with hundreds of comments and tens of thousands of words. Do they actually believe it will make a difference in the atheist’s beliefs and behavior? We have lots of both on this site. Aside: the fact that the atheist who come to this site cannot use logical arguments and evidence to support their beliefs means that logical arguments and evidence for their beliefs do not exist anywhere. Otherwise someone would have presented them in the past Prove me wrong Aside2: I personally do not believe science proves the existence of God. Logic does that using evidence from science and a lot of other places. It’s just that the recent evidence from science is getting overwhelming. jerry

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