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Defending the multiverse against evidence

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Repackaged by PBS as defending “beauty”: From PBS:

For example, while the Large Hadron Collider has so far failed to show evidence of supersymmetry, many have essentially said that the collision wasn’t powerful enough or that some small modifications are all that’s needed to fit the theory they love with the data they gathered.

“Supersymmetry has been around since 1974, for 42 years, and it doesn’t really have any evidence that it’s there. But people really bet their careers on this,” Gleiser explains. “Many physicists have spent 40 years working on this, which is basically their whole professional life.”

That may change in in ten years or so, he says, when further advances to the LHC could force the hangers-on to let go if the data they need doesn’t materialize. “If we don’t find evidence, people who still stick to it after that are doing it as a philosophical practice,” he says. More.

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There was no evidence for the neutrino until particle physics researchers noticed discrepancies between predictions of theory and the results of their experiments. This led Wolfgang Pauli to predict the existence of a particle with the properties required to account for the discrepancies. Those properties implied that it would be immensely difficult to detect and so it proved. But it was detected and it is now believed that every second billions of them are flowing through each of us as we sit here completely undetected by our physical senses. But for science, we would have had no reason to even suspect that they existed. Multiverse, string theory, M-theory, brane theory may indeed all prove to be theoretical dead-ends but the only way to find out is to pursue them as far as they will go. Seversky
Same thing, no evidence for either. jimmontg
That seems to be about supersymmetry rather than the multiverse. Seversky

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