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Design Detection with Conditional Kolmogorov Complexity

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Next up in the Engineering and Metaphysics series is a presentation by Winston Ewert. This one is on a new informatics metric, called conditional Kolmogorov complexity. Check it out!

Thanks kairosfocus
Click here for the slides for this talk johnnyb
Great! (The slides -- notes version? -- are important. And I know there is a minimalist school of thought on PPT shows, but on topics like this where there is an explanatory rationale and/or educational element we need instead what we can call the digital chalkboard school of thought. That is, marshal and lay out your points in a step by step process, using key graphics as appropriate.) kairosfocus
KF - I'll check on the slides. johnnyb
JB: Good continued effort. Do you have slides? KF PS: This talk illustrates how important functional specificity -- islands of function -- is in establishing an objective criterion. It also leads to the point that a nodes-arcs description list is a relevant description that is convertible into a file size. As in AutoCAD and kin, etc. kairosfocus
I'm glad these are being posted and I hope to go through all of them soon. Thanks! Chance Ratcliff
This is fascinating stuff, but is there any way you could process the audio to make it a little more intelligible? It's very difficult to understand for the hearing impaired. cantor

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